Aftermath of Self-Defense

Saturday, February 26, 2022


Join us Saturday, February 26, 2022 for Aftermath of Self-Defense!

You own a gun. You have trained with it in case you ever need to defend yourself or your family! But, do you really know what to expect if you are ever forced into a position where you must act?

Join U.S. LawShield at our Aftermath of Self-Defense seminar so you can learn what happens after the Bang! This seminar uses the case study method and reviews what happened to local individuals who were forced to defend themselves and others. It is taught by firearm and self-defense attorneys and law enforcement officers. Topics covered include:

Case Study of 3 Self-Defense Cases that Occurred in Florida

The Law that Should Have Protected the Defenders

Learn What Actually Happened

Also covered:

Initial Police Response

Interacting with Law Enforcement

Your Right to Remain Silent

Criminal Court System Issues

Civil Litigation Issues

Psychological and Physiological Effect of Self-Defense